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Minneapolis , MN 55440                                         

                                                                                                 4910 Meadow Creek Drive South

                                                                                                 Fargo, ND  58104

                                                                                                 November 25, 2009

Sir or Madam:

Your email regarding a Members Only Premier Silver 12 Hours Only Sale has resulted in my decision to never shop at Best Buy again, never use my RewardsZone Program MasterCard again and to let others know of the reasons for my decision.  Instead, I will be shopping at WalMart, Samís Club, Internet-based stores and anyplace except BestBuy.

I spent over 3 hours on the phone to BestBuy on Monday, November 23.  The first 40 minutes was consumed by being on hold followed by a short discussion with a BestBuy representative who told me she was transferring me to the computer department but, instead, cut me off.  I called back about 2 hours later and spent the next 2 hours and 45 minutes on the phone alternating between being put on hold and being lied to.

I was told my case number is 664-24-221 and that I spoke with Tay, Jennifer (dotcom sales supervisor in the Midwest) and Greg Lewis (GM of the office).

I was calling to purchase a $399.99 Toshiba laptop and a $49.99 Insignia 10 megapixel camera.  At first I was told by Tay that the laptop was sold out.  While he was trying to sell me on other laptops, the Toshiba laptop was again available.  I ordered it.   He told me that the laptop sells out, then BestBuy finds more, it sells out again and the cycle continues until there are absolutely no more to be sold.  It took Tay about 30 minutes to get the order processed and then he informed me it was now longer available.  He offered to replace the laptop with another Toshiba laptop.  I declined.  He then offered a different model Toshiba laptop and an HP alternative.  I chose the HP and the order process continued.  Another hour had passed.  While this was going he, I could overhear him speak to someone he referred to as his supervisor; supposedly getting approval for his dealings with me.  I thanked him.  The supervisor then came on the phone and refused to allow me to purchase what BestBuy had just promised to sell me.  She said there was nothing she could do.  I asked to speak to her manager.  Some time later, a man named Greg Lewis identified himself as the ultimate authority on this matter.  Mr. Lewis immediately offered a Toshiba laptop/printer package and $100 gift card to me for $499.97.  I explained to him that I did not wish to purchase a printer.  However, I countered his offer by requesting either (1) a $150 gift card (instead of $100) or (2) the Toshiba laptop from the bundle for $399.99.  I still did not want the printer.  He refused both of my counter offers.

BestBuy wasted over 3 hours of my time on Monday.  BestBuy promised me numerous items but did not have the integrity to follow through on any of their promises.  BestBuy tried to bait-and-switch me with various offers and to upsell me to items at higher prices that I did not want to purchase.

I informed Mr. Lewis that I would never be a BestBuy customer again due to his, Jenniferiís and Tayís complete lack of integrity.

I am not writing this letter to negotiate a laptop from you.  I am absolutely sincere in my course of action to never again be a customer of BestBuy.   I can get a HP or Toshiba laptop elsewhere.  I can get iPods, dishwashers, TVs and music elsewhere.  You manufacture nothing that I canít obtain elsewhere.

I had been a BestBuy customer for years.  It only took a 12-hour sale and 3 hours on the phone to turn me away forever.


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Matt Noah