A Letter To the Editor
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This letter was started by a group of 10 Chanhassen, Minnesota Catholics on October 18.

For a longer treatise on Catholic voting principles and intrinsic evil, download this document.

This letter was published on October 28, 2004 by the Chanhassen Villager.


Dear Editor:

Lost in much of the discussion of national and local elections is the issue of abortion. Abortion has claimed nearly 50 million American lives since the US Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision of 1973. As Catholics, we oppose abortion and any public policy which supports abortion. We support those who work to make every unborn child - made in the image and likeness of God - a welcomed child and a loved child. We also support public policy which opposes human cloning, euthanasia and embryo destruction for stem cell research.

Some Catholic politicians scandalize our Faith by claiming they can remain true to the Faith while advocating for public policy supporting abortion and public financing of abortion. Some Catholic politicians claim abortion opposition is just an "article of faith" as if it is only something to be believed but not acted upon either personally or in their public lives. Abortion is the breaking of one of the Ten Commandments - "Thou Shalt Not Murder". It is also rightfully a matter of public policy. Just as no sane Catholic politician would argue "Thou Shalt Not Steal" is an article of faith and not proper for the public policy forum, we argue that "Thou Shalt Not Murder" is even more important to social order and must be part of our moral, faith and public policy lives.

We pledge to not vote for any politician - Catholic or otherwise - who supports abortion; especially as it relates to Supreme Court nominees, judicial rulings and federal and state legislation.  We ask our fellow citizens to consider this issue and vote to support their fellow unborn Americans and their mothers.

Signed by the following 233 Catholics:
Jean Ahles
Fr. Robert Altier
Anne & Steve Amann (NC)
Rae Anderson
Kathleen Angstman
Rose & Nancy Barrett
Eloise Becker
LeAnn Belisle
Jeff & Carol Berg
Jim Bofenkamp
Sue Bradley
Joy Brew
Ann Brown
Mike & Donna Buchanan
Ken & Laurie Buckeye
Jeffery & Lorie Bunke
Steve & Ellen Christoff
Chad & Tricia Cmejla
Jim Colnar
Emily Conley
Candace Cooper
Michel & Florence Daninger
Norman & Patricia Daoust
Teresa Deckard
James deLeon
Charlie and Kristi DeReuil
Heidi Dodge
Dean Duffing
Alan & Mary Egging
M. Kathleen Elfstrom
Barb Ernster
Michael & Susan Fannon
Edward & Norma Farah
Joe & Lisa Finnegan
Tom & Marsha Floeder
Thomas & Sharon Frank (NY)
Thomas Fredrickson
Harvey and Ruth Fruhwirth
David Gatto
Dan & Pat Gawarecki
Mary Gibson
Bruce & Juliann Grausam
Jane Greenwood
David Gorde
Bret & Mary Hagen
Adam Hanson
Melissa Hanson
Matt & Sylvia Harrington
Michael & Lisa Harvey (ND)
Melissa & Jon Hauser
Michael & Sharon Hedman
Tim & Lynn Heeren
Mike & Julie Hogan
Joe Hoppe
Richard Houck
Dan Hughes
Allen & Patrecia Jacobson
Jane Jersild
Diane Johnson
Cathy Johnson
Duane & Debra Kaczmarek
Mary Karnitz
Joe & Jo Ann Kazek
Maureen Klecker
Paul & Monica Kolars (WI)
Joe Kolles
Jim & Paulette Kostick
Steve & Sandy Kral
Bill & Cecilia Lamb
Dave & Kristi Landis
Lynn Langeslay
Michael & Stefanie Leibel
Sharon Leibel-Johnson
Karen Linsmayer
David Loegering
Dan & Julie Long
Louise & Paul Louiselle
Angela MacDonald
Dan MacDonald
John & Heidi Magnoski, Jr.
John & Nancy Magnoski
Michael & Mary Manders
JoAnn Masters
Crystal McCoy
Matthew McCoy
Ken McMahon
Jan Meyer
Joan Meyer
Ron Meyer
Ron & Sue Meyer
Ryan Meyer
Sandor & Martha Miko
Tom & Michelle Mills
Bob Moder
Fr. Leo Moenkedick
Jamie Moloney
Matt & Susan Noah
Joyce Northwick
David & Pauline Novack
Hugh & Monica O'Kane
Randy, Rita & Katie Olson
George & Catharine Palm
Jeanne Peloquin
Colleen Perfect
Phyllis Plum
John & Emele Porten
Janis Powers
Winifred Powers
Steve & Theresa Ray
Mike & Mary Regnier
Anne Rizzo
Darren & Susan Robinson
Angela Rogers
Pat & Julie Rohlik
Tom Roman
Kathy Rosenthal
Ann Rossini
Dan & Mary Jo Rossini
Tom & Cathy Rothstein
Ray Sampson
John & Staci Scherber
Dale & Lila Schmidt
Diane Schmidt
Mike & Pam Schmit
Lynn & Mary Kay Schmitt
Tom & Pat Schraad
Pat Schreifels
Amy Schuler
Frank & Sharon Shultz
Wayne Skoblik
Tom & Michele Spencer
Greg Smisek
Larry & Mary Ann Smisek
Sister Jane de Chantal Smisek
Sharon Stockard
Jim Strande
David & Christina Streeter
Jim Swanson
Steve & Patricia Swanson
Loren and Regina Sworski
Nick Sworski
Chris Sworski
Atsushi & Sarah Takagi
Cletus Tauer (WI)
Randall & Heidi Temple
Gary & Pat Templeton
Adrian & Roseanne Throener
Scott & Michelle Torborg
Marie Treffeisen
Joe and Rosemary Van Keulen
Kathleen Virnig
Dennis & Mary Clare Wareham
Sandy Wesselman
Sally Westfall
Jane Wiener
Ed Working
Faith Yassick
Henry & Carolyn Youso